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The Candlesticks show you how to recognize Reversals on sight.

Candlesticks for Brighties

Your eye does the work! This is Pattern Recognition 101. And watch for our Weekly Market Letter. There’s a lot more!

I would like to send you to my ACTION SUGGESTIONS EVERY EVENING, looking ahead to the markets the next day.

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Every afternoon before 3:30 PM Eastern Time, I will send you my STOCK MARKET PEEK. It will contain an overall real-time analysis of the Dow Industrials Index, the Dow Transportation Index, the Dow Composite Index, The S&P 500, 100, 400, and 600, the Russell 2000, the NASDAQs, Gold, Silver, Crude Oil, the EUR-USD, the GBP-USD, the AUD-USD, and the USD-CAD.  Each evening, I will send you a recap (my ACTION SUGGESTIONS) of the day, through to the Closing Bell (and right up to the minute of printing, with respect to the currencies).  And I will send you my Free INVESTMENT NEWSLETTER every week – and SPECIAL ALERTS whenever I see a major trend change about to happen.

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